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Events Wi-Fi

When it comes to festivals, concerts and other large events, how you engage with attendees plays a key role in how they’ll enjoy the experience. These days, the extra amenities you provide to your guests greatly influence their decision to return to your recurring event; and one of those amenities should be free guest WiFi.

Customers across industries expect free WiFi as part of their experience. It’s fair for event attendees to expect WiFi since social media is such a large part of their experience. From making social posts to sharing photos and videos, many event-goers have solidified their social profiles as part of their event experience.

Offering basic WiFi is fine for connecting your guest to the internet during your event. After that, it doesn’t provide much of a purpose. By using a Smart WiFi platform, you can market, advertise, and learn about your guests that utilizes your WiFi in ways you never thought possible.

Easily collect, measure and understand your guest data

Guest Profiles

Collect user demographic data as guest profiles to track usage details.


Easily filter, analyze and display guest analytics to measure usage trends.

Location Reports

Create customized location reports to analyze data from one-to-many.

WiFi Analytics

View real-time data streams of your guest WiFi social activity.

Presence Analytics

Measure and visualize footfall of connections, visitors, and passerbys.

Data Exports

Export all your data in CSV, PDF or trigger via instant JSON webhooks.

Applicable venues

Outdoor Activation | Conferences | Trade Shows | Exhibitions