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Venue Wi-Fi

e-Ngoma Cloud WiFi platform helps you offer free WiFi to your customers. You’ll gather valuable customer data and use it for email marketing campaigns. Social login is the preferred WiFi access method for many customers. It helps them to connect to your WiFi in just two clicks. No extra efforts or lengthly forms to complete.

You will understand who your guests are and create marketing campaigns with a big-time ROI. Data collected include gender, age, location and other demographics that can be used to prepare highly relevant campaigns. You will get customer email and full name so you can craft campaigns that enagage and deliver results

Easily collect, measure and share your guest data

Guest Profiles

Collect user demographic data as guest profiles to track usage details.


Easily filter, analyze and display guest analytics to measure usage trends.

Location Reports

Create customized location reports to analyze data from one-to-many.

WiFi Analytics

View real-time data streams of your guest WiFi social activity.

Presence Analytics

Measure and visualize footfall of connections, visitors, and passerbys.

Data Exports

Export all your data in CSV, PDF or trigger via instant JSON webhooks.

Applicable venues

Airports | Cafes |Salons | Resturants | Banking Halls | waiting Rooms