eNgoma is a wholly Zambian owned value-adding technology solutions provider

We, specialize in providing unique, innovative and engaging cost-effective technological solutions that are focused on enhancing local commercial activities to improve return on investment (ROI) for government ministries and agencies and cooperating partners . Our Captive Portal Public Wi-Fi solution dubbed the e-Ngoma Captive Public Wi-Fi Communication and Marketing Solution  uses advertising campaigns and an information dissemination platform to provide free Wi-Fi Internet to the public.

Our Aim

To be the biggest and most innovative local business intelligence company in Zambia





Our Mission

Our mission is to make big data analytics easy for everyone. From efficient use of government resources, to solving complex business problems, to ensuring a farmer has the right seeds and plants at the right time, we believe that our country’s most challenging issues can be solved with data. That is why we are so deeply committed to lowering the barrier to entry and putting the power of big data in the hands of people who need to make meaning changes in society.